Fine and gold sand. A relaxing atmosphere.
Le Cinque Vele beach is placed at the end of the beautiful Ionian coast in Salento.

This Salento’s beach, close to Santa Maria di Leuca, has a beautiful view: blue sea, shallow waters, fine sand, green beyond dunes. During days when the wind blows from the north, "Le Cinque Vele" beach resort becomes a Caribbean paradise thanks to the calm and transparent sea.
The beach resort "Le Cinque Vele", located on the outskirts of Santa Maria di Leuca "Finis Terrae", which is along the sublime Ionian coast of Salento, boasts divine landscapes, made heavenly by the breeze of Tramontana. It sporadically caresses the sea, transforming the water into a still, transparent mirror.

It is with the utmost respect for these places that we love, that we ensure we take care of our beach. It is kept clean and tidy by careful maintenance and by proper organisation of the spaces.

Using our floating platforms, our "pearls", will guarantee you moments of relaxation in the water, under the watchful and attentive eyes of our lifeguards and beach attendants.

What are you waiting for? Get rid of your winter weariness: it's time to treat yourself to pleasurable moments here at "Le Cinque Vele".