Taste, flavor and spices of Salento.
The seafront restaurant in Salento is a must of “Le Cinque Vele” beach resort. The restaurant is far few metres from the bay. It will be unforgettable to have lunch or dinner cooked by our chefs. A rare pleasure that we want to offer you.The Mediterranean cuisine is the real star of our restaurant. Our chefs create new recipes with original products and make it unique.
The restaurant situated by the sea is the main attraction of "Le Cinque Vele" beach resort. Located just a short distance away from the clear Mediterranean waters, in the enchanting bay of the Ionian Sea, you will not be able to forget the exquisite delicacies and intoxicating sent of the sea.
These are unique pleasures that augment what we offer. Our main objective is to be attentive and care about every detail.

You will taste traditional Salentino dishes which, though considered ‘poor’ dishes, are of absolute culinary value. Our chefs will transform these simple dishes and express themselves by creating magnificent haute cuisine delights, designed to satisfy even the most demanding of palates, during our daily summer lunches.

We also organise lunches and dinners for any occasion including: graduations, baptisms, communions, confirmations and weddings.

Any event will be a pleasurable experience thanks to our supportive and professional personnel, who will make your event unique and special