“Le Cinque Vele” for charity

Sea, summer and dreams

Le Cinque Vele gives you the opportunity to make an act of charity for the environment and for the entire humanity!

Once you arrive at the beach you will have the chance to bring with you one of our bottles. These bottles are reusable, entirely plastic free and very handy to be carried in your bag.

With a small contribution of € 5.00 you will have with you “Water, summer and dreams”.

This is the claim we have chosen for our project.

  • Water  because once you have the bottle,  you’ll have the possibility to free refill it with fresh water, whenever you want during the day.
  • Summer because we hope you’ll take it with you as a souvenir of a beautiful Salento summer you had spent at Le Cinque Vele
  • Dreams because the donation you’ve done will contribute to the “Mangoes Home”  a project of Care&Share Onlus.
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Mangoes Home is a structure located in India, in the Kanuru neighborhood of Vijayawada. This place welcomes more than 40 orphans and semi-orphans with the aim of turning their lives around, helping them in education and career guidance.

Le Cinque Vele has chosen to embrace the cause of Care & Share and to offer support to this initiative while at the same time providing a service to its guests.

Contribute yourself to Mangoes Home. Bring Water, Summer and Dreams with you!

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