Who we are

Our guest-focused approach,

At Le Cinque Vele we aim to give our guests an exclusive, carefree and relaxing experience. We think of your smiles every time we propose a new service.

"You must want the impossible for the impossible to happen."


Our staff is important. Every day we build a team that can contribute to shape an independent reality.


We work with passion, curiosity and the desire to push ourselves higher and higher, satisfied by the results achieved, but eager to "go beyond" to continue improving each year.

Team spirit

Each team is made up by different people. We believe in the value of these differences and make sure that they translate into an advantage for the whole team.


The attention to the environment is a lifestyle for us. All our efforts, from raising the awareness of employees and customers to the choice of recyclable materials, have the ultimate goal of reducing the environmental impact and allowing everyone to enjoy the natural beauty of the place that hosts us.

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