“Eating is a necessity. Eating intelligently is an art”.
Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Are you looking for a seafront restaurant in Salento? Here you can taste the Mediterranean cuisine and live an exciting culinary experience. “Le Cinque Vele” is this too.

We thought of a restaurant where our guests could taste Salento delicacies. Salento cuisine is a poor cuisine, based on humble local raw materials but rich in flavors and nutrients. Unrefined flours, legumes, white meats, blue fish, seasonal vegetables and spices typical of the Mediterranean maquis such as rosemary, marjoram, thyme, mint and oregano that perfume every dish.

Today the Salento cuisine has been revalued and has been given a very important historical and culinary value.

Our Chefs have revisited it making every traditional dish even more unique and special, enhancing the local raw materials that are the strength of our kitchen. Simple dishes become haute cuisine dishes designed to satisfy the most demanding palates.

In our seaside restaurant you can enjoy culinary delicacies and transform a lunch or dinner into a sensory journey. Our Chefs have designed menus which combine tastes, flavors and colors in a wise and original way, because the kitchen is a sensory journey that involves all the senses.

A gastronomic project designed to amaze and excite the palates of the most curious and to give life to a new and exciting culinary experience in an enchanting location, surrounded by nature, in a corner of Salento kissed by the sun. The dishes are studied in every detail, the ingredients have been carefully chosen preferring seasonal raw materials, the dishes arranged with taste.

The restaurant “Le Cinque Vele” is the strong point of our beach resort. We have two locations, one outdoors with à la carte menu and another one indoors with a buffet menu. We make all your recurrences unforgettable by studying ad hoc menus for birthdays, weddings, graduations and baptisms. Our highly qualified and professional staff will satisfy your needs

A place where fine wine, good food and professionalism come together in order to make every moment so special.
Eating well is a duty!

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