Surrounded by green, close to best Salento’s beach.
Le Cinque Vele beach resort is situated in one of the most beautiful bays of the Ionian coast. This location is loved by guests for its fine sand, blue sea and green tamarisk and lilies and more and more tourists chose it for their holidays.

Services for guests make the beach resort “Le Cinque Vele” a unique place where people can spend their relaxing time.
In addition to the renownedly beautiful location, among the green of the tamarisk shrubbery and the brilliant white of the wild lilies, at "Le Cinque Vele" you will find other ways to satisfy your every desire to relax.

Our attention is completely focused on the customer, and the services we provide to our guests are on a par with the best resorts in the area. Attention to detail together with orderly surroundings provide the perfect environment to enable guests to enjoy moments of leisure, peacefulness and fun all at the same time.

There is an opportunity to book beachfront "king-size" umbrellas and beds, which faithfully reflects our style and inherent desire to provide the ultimate comfort to our guests. To enrich the experience and reflect our love for good food, we provide the bar with table service to the garden and the restaurant. We also provide: small gazebos beautifully situated within the green lawn, a large stone gazebo under which fresh drinks and aperitifs can be enjoyed, heated fresh water showers and changing rooms. All of which complete the amenities that will make your holiday at "Le Cinque Vele" unique.

The holiday you have always dreamed of is here, in our exclusive facility in Marina di Pescoluse, in Salento.